Old Elf Mageright


Stephan is an elder Elf, with a very dry sense of humor. Decades ago, he had angered King Kiaus the first, and ever since then the royal family of Karrnath has been keeping an eye on him. He used to make magical items for a shop in Varna, until very recently when the party found that he had been missing for a few days. Turns out he was just searching for a book that he thought was at a library up in Owl’s Perch, but had not found it. The book was supposed to contain knowledge of the elemental stones.

He is currently working with wizards of the Arcane Congress in Arcanix to find out more about what the stones do. Une has a ring with his arcane mark. Stephan can cast a few spells very easily thanks to that, Scry and Message among them.


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