Memories of the Past

The story so far...


About a month has passed since our little group met up back in the Lazhaar Principalities in a little hive of scum and villainous activity. “Not a pirate” captain Charles needed a few strong hands to obtain an artifact from a tomb. He promised naught but adventure, and whatever they could find from the tomb. What fools. The party found the artifact: a small stone that, according to legend, controls the element of Earth. So far, no one in the party has figured out how to make it work.

After escaping the tomb thanks to some kind bugbear shamans, the party decides to trek around a bit. They bump into a slender dapper gentleman and his pudgy cohort near a strange rock formation. The skinny one talks their heads off, sounding a bit like a loon, warns them about a large dragonshard falling from the sky, then disappears behind one of the tall stones. Thinking nothing of his warning the party continued. As they neared the pass through the mountains, a half-mile wide dragonshard fall from the sky, promptly wedging itself in their way. Trying all manner of attacks yielded no results.

Eventually they make it to the other side, with some help. Fast forward through some unnecessary, but hilarious bits, and the group finds their selves in the middle of two different family feuds. One between two dragonmarked houses, the other within the family of the Masked Man, and his father Bad Horse.

The dragonmarked house fiasco gets solved with some clever roguery, and Vincent eventually leaves the party after coming to terms with who he really is, and what he’s been doing this whole time. The party wishes him the best of luck as they start to gain some interest in finding the rest of these legendary elemental stones.

  • The Gale Seed was stolen from a museum. A calling card was left in it’s place. A purple wax seal of the letter “A” holding a red string to a white card.
  • The Ice Shard was also stolen, from Prince Alexander’s neck, in the middle of a public appearance in Aundair.
  • The Flame Igneous might be in Xoriat, or destroyed. That is, if Alix’s Diary is completely truthful about events leading up to his ascension to godhood.

Recently, the party has found out a bit more about Une’s family history. She has an uncle, Gorodan, who possibly killed most of her family. “Mordain the Fleshweaver” might have more information, but the locals of Droaam seem to be frightened of the Elf. They suggested bringing a peace offering, a Daelkyr artifact, to get on his good side before asking for help. To that end, they traveled to The Stonelands, and uprooted an Infinity Husk. They also made a new friend. A gargoyle rogue also started following them.

Last session, they trudged through The Forest of Flesh, a vile place surrounding Blackroot Castle, the home of Mordain. What kind of man is this Mordain? We’ll find out next time, after beating down a couple of Voors in Blackroot’s courtyard!


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