Memories of the Past

Mordain the Mad

The life and times of Ashraan

Mordain the Fleshweaver calls off his Voors, and invites the party into his keep. Excitedly he takes the broken Infinity Husk, and tells Une about Gorodan, and a bit of the Xen’Drik Giant war.

Turns out Ashraan was one of Mordain’s creations. A perfectly created Human, created about a year ago, and stolen in the dead of night. Only a calling card, with the letter A was left behind, an exact match for the one we found back in Gaylethspire. He succumbs to a deadly Wail of the Banshee poison, on an operating table. Mordain proceeds to cremate him for the party, and leaves Ashraan’s possessions to be distributed among the party.

The next day Gorodan sheds some knowledge on the Giant’s war, and the Elemental Stones. The giant’s of Xen’drik used to have an advanced civilization, but a war with the Dragons ended that. Gorodan, Gwonam, and their siblings fought among their selves for artifacts from their ancestors. With just the two of them, and Gwonam in spot of power, Gorodan was banished from Xen’drik.

The elemental stones, as told by an ancient Giant fable (in turn translated from Draconic) tells that the stones were made in the time of the Dragons. The story says that Draconic elders used bones from the original dragons to make the stones. Sometimes the story says that bits of Eberron were used instead. Either way, those with arcane might can use the stones, just by thinking, and can do just about anything with the element a stone is tied to. The stones’ might can also be combined.

Gorodan shows his innate control over rock, forming a vaguely human form. Then he uses the Crag Stone to give it life. He instructs Une to use the Stone, and take that life away from the golem. He quickly leaves, knowing that he wishes to see his brother and bury the hatchet.

The party follows suit, and gets lost in the forest. Une gets scryed on, and hears Mordain questioning why they left without saying goodbye. “Something important came up”, responds Une. “Oh, okay! Tootles!”

After about five hours in the flesh forest, they come across a body. Female elf, stomach gored out by a huge horn. She has some sort of Dragonmark, but no one can tell which one. Her skin burns when you touch it, and she was wearing Gloves of Disguise Alignment. A small diary was on her person, describing her sheltered town of Dollurh’s Dawn, and how everyone there has amnesia. No one in Dollurh’s Dawn knows how they got there, or anything about anything that isn’t their town.

The party leaves the Forrest of Flesh after giving this nameless Elf a proper burial, and set their sights on the Eldeen Reaches. Perhaps Tobias will finally see his wife again, after traveling for months to provide for his new family.


Bitor Bitor

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